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To COPY Nintendo Wii Games you need a console with WiiKey modchip installed in Wii + WiiKey SETUP disc with the DUMP software and an SD card where the raw game data will be stored. The SD card can be any size as the 4.7GB of data will be split in part and later can be rejoined on PC.

Nintendo Nintendo Wii MODsWii Has the folowing drive features:

Wii Mask ROM refers to a kind of ROM (read-only memory) whose contents are programmed by the IC manufacturer. In other words, it is not a user-programmable ROM. Since the process is costly, mask ROM is used when the needed volume is high and it is absolutely certain that the contents will not change.It is common practice to use UV-EPROM for the development phase of a project, and only after the code/data have been finalized is mask ROM ordered.The main advantage of mask ROM is its cost, since it is significantly cheaper than other kinds of ROM, but if an error in the data/code is found, the entire batch must be thrown away.

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Wii / GC Disc Drive

The GameCube drive is also designed and manufactured by Matsushita Electric for use with the GameCube. The drive is unique in that it reads from the outside of the disc towards the middle. Some earlier and later revisions of the GameCube consoles did develop disc read problems with the optical pickup becoming thermal sensitive over time, causing read errors when the console reached normal operating temperature. Failures of this sort require replacement of the optical pickup. Affected consoles had sometimes been serviced free of charge by Nintendo even after the expiration of the warranty period.

A common misconception about the GameCube optical drive is that it spins the discs in reverse (counter-clockwise) from normal disc drives (which spin clockwise). The peculiarity of this rumor is that one need only open the disc tray on an operating GameCube to see that the disc clearly spins clockwise as it slows to a halt.

Why You need a Wii Mod-Chip:

The Nintendo GameCube Optical Disc is the media format used by the Nintendo GameCube and Nintendo Wii. The disc is a proprietary version of the eight centimeter DVD (MiniDVD) format. The capacity of the disc is 1.5 GB. Some games which contain large amounts of voice acting or pre-rendered video (for example, Tales of Symphonia) have been released on two discs; however, fewer than two dozen titles have been released on two discs, and no games have required a third disc. Manufactured by Matsushita, parent company of Panasonic.

Nintendo has stated that the Wii will be backward compatible with all GameCube software and most peripherals. This backwards compatibility is achieved through a set of ports on top of the console concealed by a panel. There are four GCN controller ports and two GCN memory card slots as there were on the GameCube itself, so the GameCube microphone should be compatible, as well as the DK Bongos and the GameCube-Game Boy Advance cable.[1] There is no indication that the Wii has the high-speed port of the original GameCube, which means that unless otherwise indicated, the Game Boy Player (which required this port) will not be compatible with the Wii. - - - - - - - -