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best performing modchip on the market right now. Does not require GCOS to play GameCube imports.


CycloWiz - Wii ModChip

WiiKey Wii ModChip

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WiiKey Features

- Direct boot of Wii backups
- Direct boot of GC backups
- Compatible with DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW and DVD+RW

- Direct boot of NTSC Wii imports on NTSC consoles (no patch needed)
- Direct boot of PAL Wii imports on NTSC consoles (compatibility not perfect)
- Direct boot of NTSC Wii imports on PAL consoles
   (no patching on PC needed, partial compatibility)
- Runs imported GC games (partially without swap)
- Perfect compatibility (100% of games are working)
- Improved read (no more slowdowns like in early Wiz versions)
   (no bitsetting required)
- Mod Chip firmware is fully upgradable via DVD
- Direct boot of homebrew in Wii Game Cube mode
- Build-in audio fix for GC gamez (no patching on PC required)
- Compatible with Multi-Disc games
- Stealth mode
- Multi-purpose LED to werify if installtaion was sucesfull
  (can only be seen when the console is open)
- Chips supplied in professional ESD packing
- Very easy to install

The CycloWiz modchip is the second Nintendo Wii Drivechip to be released to the public. Drivechips work by injecting code into the DVD-ROM telling it that the homebrew/backup disc is a legitmate program which can be run on the Nintendo Wii. Sadly, Drivechips are limited to certain functions and do not allow you to run unsigned Nintendo Wii code thus disabling homebrew developers from utilizing the power of the Nintendo Wii's hardware. Luckily though you can still boot your GameCube homebrew. One must remember that it was one of the first chips to arrive so it only features basic functionality.

The CycloWiz is more popular then the Wiinja because of it's ability to be updated and the fact it's PCB is made to fit right over the solder points for easy installation. Of course you don't have to directly solder it onto the motherboard as you can use wires instead.

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CycloWiz Mod-Chip Review

CycloWiz PROS

+ Nintendo Wii and GameCube backups work like original discs!
+ GameCube homebrew apps are supported
+ Full GC compatibility (including audio streaming games)
+ Multiregion support for playing imported GC discs
+ Works with Wii and GC multi-disc games
+ Same stealthy like other drive chips
+ Quick-solder or Wired installation possible
+ Well built chip and board - great quality

CycloWiz CONS

- Support for Wii imports is not perfect
- No support for Wii Homebrew


* Plays Wii Backups
* Plays GC Backups
* Play GC Homebrew
* Quicksolder (no wires required)
* Play GC Imports (swap needed)
* Built-in Audiofix (GC games using streaming are working flawlessly, no patch needed)
* DVD-R / DVD+R support
* Optional chip disable wire
* Stealth even when chip is enabled
* Multi-purpose LED
* Upgradable via DVD-R

Installation Manual

Installing the CycloWiz is a pretty easy process. First you will need to take apart your Nintendo Wii (guide) then solder it on. I

There are basically three options you have when installing the chip. You can solder it using it's basic points for a quick install, but this will leave out two features which are the disable and upgrading feature. If you plan to install the extra wires for both of these features make sure to have two toggle (on/off) switches handy.

Yes, the upgrade is real and is now online in the download section ! We weren't able to complete D2B tests in time to meet the deadline, but a D2B compatible version will follow shortly.

A special version of GCOS was also added thanks to emu_kidid. It allows you to run GC Multi Game discs and thanks to is fully compatible with old Viper format.

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