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what you need if you have a new Wii with D2C chipset in it. Only compatible mod at this time. D2C WiiKey...


D2CKey Nintendo Wii D2C chipset Mod Chip

D2CKey Wii D2C Key

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D2CKey Features

Supports direct booting (without swapping) of Wii original and backup games from the same region as well as allowing to play games from different NTSC region on USA and JAP Wii and GC consoles.

Direct boot of Gamecube original and backup games from the same region. Partial region free support on Wii and GC original and backup games with different video mode (like PAL <-> USA <-> JAPAN)

Improved read settings for recordable media. Allows you to play isos from DVD-R, DVD+R DVD+-RW and for movies and GCOS you can use Dual-layer DVDs. True stealth mode - Does not modify RAM, making it virtually undetectable for the Wii Full command set emulation. Supports running GC games at Wii diskspeed improving the Load times for Game Cube titles. GameCube Audio streaming Fix. Supports full-size DVD and DVD9 discs for GC homebrew. Supports Nintendo Wii and GameCube multigame discs

Access control LEDs on the chip (but invisible when the case is closed)
LED 1: disc access indicator. LED 2: data patching indicator Flashes smoothly during disc insertion and detection
Lit when Wii backup is detected and Off when original Wii game disc is detected.

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D2CKey Review:

The latest Wii mod chip and the only one at the moment that works on new Nintendo Wii consoles with d2c chipset is called D2CKey. You will need d2c key to play backup Wii games and GC isos. D2CKey mod chip is specially designed for the D2C drives and as such it will NOT work on other models of Wii. In a way that is good news because installing d2c mod is not an easy feat. D2Ckey chip as you can see reacquires 28 wires to be soldered on to the wii chipset. If you have an earlier version of the Wii you should use WiiKey that comes from the same development team and is easier to install and compatible with all earlier chipsets (but it is NOT D2C compatible).

Currently the D2Ckey home page claims that the chip will not need any updates however the ACTEL chip used in making this mod-chip is Flashable so in case there will be a need to modify the D2Ckey firmware - it will be possible. Installation diagrams for modding d2c are provided below.

+ Finally a modchip for D2C Wii owners that works.
+ Region-Override and GameCube Audio Streaming Fix is auto activated and does not require a setup DVD to be used.
+ Runs games burned on all kinds of DVD media - DVD-RW, DVD-R and DVD+R.
+ Does not require GCOS to play Game Cube isos from other regions.

- More complicated to install than previous Wii Mod-chips.

WiiKey FAQ (more here)

Will D2C mod chip work with Nintendo Wii ONLINE games?
The manufacturer says Yes, and I would have to agree with that. D2Ckey and all the rest of the flirts generation mods for Wii are Drive Chips, so they DO NOT modify anything in the Firmware of the console and are "invisible" to the Wii operating system. (They modify the responses that the DVD Drive sends to the motherboard when verifying discs authenticity). This does not mean that we are 100% safe and that Nintendo will never can't come up with a way to detect the chips, but if the history is anything to go by we are safe. (Also good to know that all Nintendo DS online games when played from a NDS Flash Card work just fine so the big N is not to worried about piracy)

wii media player MFEIs there any special upgrades you have to do after chipping the system to get it to play DVD movies?
No, the chips is up and running as soon as you have it installed. (Configuration is need for enabling Region override to play imported games PAL on NTSC and NTSC on PAL.)1st gen ModChips don't modify Wi OS and don't add new Channels so to play movies you have to use a GameCube homebrew application called MFE Mediaplayer that comes with the D2Ckey Base Disc (disc used for configuring D2Ckey options). MFE MediaPlayer runs a stripped down version of Linux on the Wii, but its navigation is easy and compatibility is great.

Can GameCube games be burned onto regular size DVD-Roms and be played on the chipped Wii?
Yes they can! No need for mini-DVD any more. And homebrew applications can use all the 4.7 GB of a DVD and are not limited to regular GC disc size.

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