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WASABI v2 & v3

Wii WASABI v2 v3 ModChip

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Find the Best Wii Mod Chip in WASABI

This newly launched Wii modchip called Wasabi V3 boasts of being able to do a wii mod of every wii version. The Wasabi V3 wii modchip can be used with DMS, D1A, D2A, D2B, D2C/D2C2 and D2E driver IC chipsets. It's easy installation feature also earned for this wii modchip rave reviews with its 9-wire installation. Wii mod convenience comes packages with the Wasabi V3 with its user friendly features.

Modding is easy with Wasabi V3 wii mod-chips. These wii mod-chips require very little effort in terms of soldering. Wasabi V3 wii mod-chips have the same features of other wii mod-chips used for modding wii consoles. This wii modchip does not interfere with the wii console's RAM and thus is not detectible by the wii's firmware. It can directly boot CD backups of wii and Game Cube as well as user-designed homebrew programs. Wii and Game Cube original and backup games may also be played on the wii console even if they are using a different video mode through the Wasabil V3 wii modchip's partial region free support.

With the Wasabi V3, you can play your games without worries. The wii modchip fully controls the drive's firmware and does not give the drive components undue stress. Wasabi V3 manufacturers advertise the wii modchip as the only one with firmware and data storage. Other winning features include DVD updates, Game Cube audio streaming fix availability, support for Game Cube homebrew in full-size DVD and DVD9 disk format, and multigame Game Cube disc support.

The new Wasabi V3 really packs some wii mod plusses for the ultimate wii gamer. Get into Wii mod with the Wasabi V3 wii modchip now and experience gaming like no other.

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