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best performing modchip on the market right now. Does not require GCOS to play GameCube imports.


Wiinja Deluxe - Nintendo Wii ModChip

Wiinja Deluxe Wii ModChip

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Wiinja Deluxe Features

Non Swap / Direct Boot
Boots Own Region WII Backups Directly
Boots Own Region Gamecube Backups Directly
Boots NTSC Backups/Originals on PAL WII Partially
Boots PAL Backups/Originals on NTSC WII Partially
Boots Directly Gamecube Original/Backups Imports Partially
Boots All Gamecube Import Backups by SWAP
Supports all the WII Versions/Drive currently available
D2B Drive Support and Improved Read Method (No DRE)
AudioFix, Multidisc, Multigames & Viper Multigames
Easy Soldering & Remove / 5 Wires+Optional RESET
Support DVD-R/DVD+R & DVD+RW/DVD-RW without Booktype
Universal EUROPE / USA / JAPAN Wii Console Supported
Hardware DISABLE Option Using Pin3+SW2 (Poweron+Reset)
Stealth Mode
Recovery Mode for Bad Upgrade

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The Wiinja was the first Nintendo Wii Drivechip to be released to the public. Drivechips work by injecting code into the DVD-ROM telling it that the homebrew/backup disc is a legitmate program which can be run on the Nintendo Wii. Sadly, Drivechips are limited to certain functions and do not allow you to run unsigned Nintendo Wii code thus disabling homebrew developers from utilizing the power of the Nintendo Wii's hardware. Luckily though you can still boot your GameCube homebrew. One must remember that it was the first chip to arrive so it only features basic functionality.

Features (Version 1 Chip)

* Non Swap / Direct Boot
* Boots Own Region WII Backups Directly
* Boots Own Region Gamecube Backups Directly
* Boots Imports Gamecube Backups by SWAP
* AudioFix Included
* MultiDisc/MultiGames (via GCOS)
* Easy Soldering & Remove / 5 Wires
* Support DVD-R and DVD+R (Burn +R on DVDROM Booktype)
* Universal EUROPE/USA/JAPAN Wii Console Supported
* Stealth Mode (Undectable by the Wii)

Special about the Wiinja:
+ Great Wii & Gamecube game compatibility
+ Small and Easy to install (and to remove) wired installation
+ No sideeffect a- original games still play, you can still use the online channels, etc.)
+ GameCube "Audiofix" is supported

- Does not region patch to play imported games
- For what it is it is a bit expensive
- Not upgradable so no new features can be added

Additional Features (Version 2 Chip)

* Compatible with the D2B DVD-ROM Drive Controller Nintendo Wii Consoles
* Improved DVD-R / DVD+R Reading

Installation Diagram/Instructions

The Wiinja itself simply comes with the below diagram on a piece of paper with no further instructions. What you're basically going to have to do is to take apart your Nintendo Wii to access the DVD-ROM's serial port which you will solder the chip onto.

Recommended Tools
* Soldering Iron (15 watt)
* Rosin Core Solder
* 30 Guage Wire
* Wire Cutters
* Soldering Flux (Helps solder bond to points)
* TriWing Screw Bit or Driver (Required)
* Micro Mini Phillips Head Screwdriver (Required)
* Razor Blade (Helps to remove screw covers)
* Tweezers (Helps to remove screw covers)
* Eletrical Tape (Insulate the Wiinja from shorts)
* Double Sided Foam Tape (Hold the Wiinja in place)

Installing the Wiinja is a pretty easy process. First you will need to take apart your Nintendo Wii then solder it on.

I would first start out by stripping the wire with your wire cutters to expose a little portion of them. Next dip the ends of all five wires in flux then "tin" them by covering them with a little bit of solder. Next locate the soldering points on the DVD-ROM drive and cover each one with flux. Now simply touch your tinned wire onto the point with your iron and it should bond instantly.

Once this is done I would also "tin" the points on the Wiinja then slick it in place using your double sided foam tape. Next solder the wires from the motherboard onto the chip and you're good to go! Here is what it should look like when you're all done.

Make sure to cover both the solder points and chip with some eletrical tape to avoid shorting it out which could possibly render your Nintendo Wii useless

1. Only use 100% tested and uncorrupted ISOs to avoid DRE's (Disk Read Errors) . You can make them using the Dumping KIT Utils for specific LG Drives
2. If you made a DUMP, always unscramble it, rename to .iso and burn...
3. Use Medium or High Quality DVD-R / +R Media. Cheap discs are more likely to produce DRE's when playing a Wii or Gamecube game
4. DVD+R must to be burned using DVDROM BOOKTYPE (including Gcube)
5. It's recommended you burn the discs at 4x writing speed.

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